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Brian Soule

Apr 13, 2010

Soule Mobile


Within our generation, all of the world's people will have access to all of the world's information, and it will be available in the palm of their hand.

Soule Mobile: It has been more than a year since I last updated the world on my current company. Soule Mobile builds great apps for businesses and investors. The product of great supporting talent, countless hours of programming, and old fashioned hard work, our goal is to join the Inc. 500 in style.

The decision to invest myself into mobile was both exciting, and inevitable. Data shows that smartphone growth is eclipsing that of internet era. Globally, many smartphone users have never owned a pc and are accessing the internet for the first time through their mobile phones.

I'll leave you with Mary Meeker of Morgan Stanley's report on the mobile web.


Mobile has been defined by its breathtaking rate of adoption. Within 5 years more web pages will be accessed on smartphones than on PCs.


Mobile's growth is only shadowed by it's greater potential, the number of PCs are destined to be a fraction of that of smartphones; Portable, Realtime, and Location based services will change the way we live our lives.


The extinction of Wi-Fi: With mobile bandwidth exploding, and 4G on the horizon, we will begin to forget the days when we sat around a router to access the internet.

The future is now.




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